How do I earn Premier Points?
Swipe your Premier Rewards card every time you play, stay or dine at SKYCITY to earn Premier Points. To find out more about earning and redeeming Premier Points at our different sites click on one of the below links or visit the Premier Rewards Station on-site.

How do I redeem Premier Points?
Every 100 Premier Points = $1 in value and can be used right across SKYCITY.

You can turn your points into play on a Gaming Machine by inserting your Premier Rewards card into the card reader, selecting ‘My Balance’ and entering your pin number. You can then choose how many points to turn into credits. Alternatively you can turn your points into play for a Table Game by visiting the cashier and asking to turn your points into Bonus Play Chips*.

You can also use your points to pay at the SKYCITY bars and restaurants, hotels and at the Sky Tower**. Just hand your Premier Rewards card to the cashier at the time of purchase.

*Daily limits apply. Bonus Play Chips not accepted on Rapid Roulette and Poker.
** Premier Points cannot be redeemed for SkyPix, SkyWalk or SkyJump.

How do I move up a tier?
All new Premier Rewards members start off in our Premier Rewards Ruby tier.
If you earn the requisite number of Premier Points over a review period (a continuous 6 month period), you may be offered membership to a higher tier with greater benefits.
The number of Premier Points required for each tier is as follows:
Ruby tier: Less than 200 Premier Points
Sapphire tier: 200 Premier Points or more
Gold tier: 3,500 Premier Points or more
Platinum tier: By invitation only
VIP Black tier: By invitation only

If you don’t earn the requisite number of Premier Points over the relevant review period, your membership status will be re-graded accordingly.

SKYCITY will notify you in writing after the relevant review period advising you if you have been re-graded to a higher or lower tier. We will generally not contact you if you remain in the same tier following a review period.

How long will my Premier Points be valid for?
Premier Points are valid for 6 months from the date of accrual. Premier Points not redeemed within 6 months from accrual will expire.

What ID will I need to provide to join Premier Rewards?
You will need to provide one of the following photo identification:

(i) your current New Zealand passport; or
(ii) your current New Zealand firearms licence; or
(iii) your current foreign passport (containing your name, date of birth, photograph and signature); or
(iv) your current foreign national identity card (containing your name, date of birth and photograph).

Question still not answered? Visit for more information or visit the Premier Rewards Station on-site.

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